Kathleen (sariandra) wrote in straighttovideo,

Restaurant (1998)

I caught this movie on one of the Showtime affliates a few weeks ago, and wasn't too terribly disappointed. I can't be sure if this was a STV, but I certainly don't remember hearing about it.

Adrien Brody, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, David Moscow and Simon Baker (among others) play restaurant employees in Jersey, hoping to make it in the city. Most of the plot focuses on Chris and Reggae (Brody and Moscow, respectively) who have been best friends since childhood. Chris is a budding playwright, desperately trying to write an ending to his first play, which is being produced Off-Broadway. Lots of drama ensues(which is sometimes comedic, I have to admit.. especially if David Moscow is in the scene) and the movie ends strangely.

Overall, the movie was pretty good. I didn't feel the urge to change the channel while watching it, and I loved and hated Chris.. which is never a bad thing IMHO..

BTW, I'm new to the community *waves*
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